Betta fish, or betta splendens (their scientific name), are a huge genus of fish, occasionally referred to as Siamese fighting fish. Most betta fish are relatively small and generally vibrantly colored. Betta fish are a member of the same family as gouramis and have a ray fin. They are aggressive fish, and for many years, humans have forced them to fight other bettas, which earned them the common name Siamese fighting fish.aggressive personalities have gotten them the title Siamese fighting fish. This is why they are typically better off when in their own tank.

Despite their big flowing fins that make them look large, bettas are actually pretty small. Betta fish most often only get to be around 3 inches in length and ½ an inch wide. The natural coloration of a betta is brown and green, though many bettas are covered in bold colors such as green, pink, yellow and a whole lot more. For decades, betta fish breeders have used the most vibrant betta fish and bred them together to make more vibrant and desirable betta fish. Any of the bigger fin variations are from of selective breeding as well. [url= Full Report]

In general, it's wise to house males apart. The male bettas aggressive attitude will lead to consistent battles, injuries and even death. This also goes for betta fish of opposing sexes. Except while breeding bettas – which is best left for a seasoned fish keeper, then one should never keep female and male bettas with each other. The one exception, is female betta fish. Female betta fish do well in groups of 3 to seven. You still want to ensure you have lots of places to hide in the tank. It's possible to have a few different types of fish with male or female bettas. There are several things to think about as well as compatibility, the fish also have to require similar water parameters as well.

Considering their quarrelsome attitude, it's no big shock that they are carnivores. Betta fish have mouths that point upwards and prefer to feed on the waters surface. Aquatic insect larvae is the bulk of their diet in the wild. Betta fish flakes are easy and inexpensive options. Most betta foods are a combination of foods, like ghost shrimp, water bound bug larvae and grains to hold it together. Frozen shrimp and bloodworms are a great treat for betta fish.

They have a very different breeding system. If the male betta fish is interested in the female, he flares his his gills and fins. The female will darken in color if she is excited. A bubble nest will be built by the surface of the water by the male betta. Once the nest is built, the female betta will release her eggs, so the male can fertilize them. The male betta will swim around gently gathering the fertilized eggs in his mouth and put them gently into the bubble nest. The eggs stay in the safety of the nest of bubbles while they begin to grow bigger.

Lots of people say that bettas only live two to three years, but in a well cared for fish tank, bettas can live for as long as seven years. Just like any other living animal, you have to be able to provide them with the correct aquarium and nutrition. If you are new to the hobby, or you have cared for fish for many years, betta fish will definitely bring some happiness to your life.

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